What Should You Wear At Your Medical School Interview?

Having the correct dress code uniform and appearance will set a good tone and first impression. This goes for anything, especially when you attend your medicine interview for university.

Uniform & Medical School Interviews

Every year at university expert, each of our specialist interview tutors asks just before an interview what the students would be wearing. Sometimes the student or parent will be the one asking.

To be concise with this answer, you should dress professionally. Imagine you are a newly qualified doctor – that’s how you should portray yourself at the interview panel or MMI.

Dress Code For Interviews

Medical Uniform For Men

For men you should wear a jacket and tie, trousers and preferably dark or black shoes.

Medical Uniform For Women

For women you should wear a dress jacket, a simple white blouse, a full length skirt or dress trousers with low heels.

What To Avoid

You should definitely avoid loud colours so you do not come across as being the eccentric type. The interviewer wants to not remember you as the one with the bright yellow striped shirt or the orange trousers!

So once again, we stress that at your medical school interview, you should be dressing conservatively and put yourself in the shoes of what a conservative doctor who has newly qualified would generally wear.

Further Options On What To Wear

Here are some further points on what you should wear at your medical school interview.

Have Multiple Choices

You should have some choices in your wardrobe with what to wear. If so, try on different suits for different combinations and then ask people. These people could be other professional colleagues, for teachers, colleagues and family members. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your clothes that you are going to wear at the medical school interview. This will fill you with confidence for the interview.

Just to set an example, Lucy has an upcoming medical school interview and her parents have bought her a new suit and new shoes. The clothing is perfect in every way however on the day of the interview, and it has been a long day with plenty of walking taking a university tour as well, she finds that the new shoes are starting to hurt.

In addition, the new blouse feels itchy and uncomfortable as wearing brand new clothes can sometimes feel. She does not feel right. How do you think this could affect the interview? So even if you have a new set of clothes that you think are absolutely fine, you need to make sure that they will feel comfortable. Also remember that the fit of the clothes must be correct. You can have the right outfit but if the size is too big or too small, it will not do you justice in making a good first impression.

What To Do If You’re Interview Is Online

If your interview is conducted remotely, make sure the appropriate lighting in the room in doing the interview justice and is coherent with your clothing. It is also important to pay attention to your hair. Hairstyles should be fairly neutral, simple but neat. Overall, ask yourself confident in the knowledge if what you are wearing is appropriate. If wearing because you feel confident, you will portray yourself in a good light to the interviewers.

In Conclusion

At university expert, we take the complexity and uncertainty out of your Medical school interview and that is why we have a high success rate. Many of our students come to us through recommendations year after year. Success with students results in them recommending more applicants for us to provide professional cost effective tutoring. At university expert, our interview tutoring for Medicine is thorough, precise and rigorous.

During our sessions at university expert interview tutoring, we go into quite a lot of depth into what you should wear in order to feel fully confident at the interview on the big day. The idea really is to outshine the person next to you so that you get chosen for admission into your Medical school.

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