UCAT Medicine Tips Part 2

Most UCAT test students will find Verbal Reasoning to be the most difficult amongst each separate subtest. The combination of the vast information spread throughout a complex paragraph and the close timing, often only having 30 seconds per question, causes one’s ability and nerves to be severely tested. It is important to realise that this is the reason for students/participants to score lower averages in UCAT Verbal Reasoning and this occurs each year. Below, you can see 2021 UCAT test statistics where you can see that the average for Verbal Reasoning is lower than that across the other format sections. 

Here is how 2511 as a total score breaks down in the results: Verbal Reasoning 570, Quantitative Reasoning 664, Abstract Reasoning 653 and Decision Making 625. This result from UCAT 2021 highlights how students find the UCAT Verbal Reasoning section the most challenging and how it can lower the total average score which can reduce the chances of getting an interview offer.  

A useful tip is to scan the UCAT verbal reasoning question and make a note of key phrases or words. Then try to link these together because often you are required to deduce an inference. Relevant inference also will often involve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication brackets and basic percentage calculations. Using the above tips will see your verbal reasoning UCAT Medicine scores improving gradually with perseverance.

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