UCAT Dentistry Tips Part 2

The UCAT Verbal Reasoning for your Dentistry application process is well known as the hardest and lowest scoring UCAT section however there are ways to maximise your scores.  

The average UCAT Verbal Reasoning score over the past four years has been 572 out of 900 so anything above 620 means you have really performed. We ask our students to learn how to “speed read.” There are lots of excellent and free/low cost courses out there to help you to speed read so that you can improve your UCAT verbal reasoning section questions. By learning to speed read you can accelerate being able to read the passage, read the question, and finally work out the correct answer. Related to each question within the verbal reasoning section, you will literally have not even the 30 seconds to read and answer the question. This means that you literally have seconds to read and absorb the reading material. By learning how to speed read, you will boost your intake of knowledge so that the information becomes soaked like a sponge.

 We have seen results such as doubling and tripling your reading speed in just a matter of a few weeks practice. Students then start to absorb words, paragraphs and inferences very rapidly rather than trying to read each individual single word. Each question you can get through in seconds and importantly the information gained is completely accurate leading to a high UKCAT verbal reasoning score. A good verbal reasoning section score will enhance the opportunity to get invited for an interview at your applied dental school.

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