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How To Gain Confidence With Your Medical School Interview

Two students attend their medical school interview and produce the same answers to set questions. One gets a place and the other is given a rejection. This will often be as a result of how their confidence levels are perceived by the university interviewer. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can appear confident when asked questions within your medical school interviews.

Dentistry MMI Questions & Answers

Dentistry MMI Questions & Answers

In dentistry MMI type of interviews which many dental admission departments use, you will be presented to discuss and elaborate on at least one station with an ethical dilemma. Dentistry schools are testing your knowledge of ethics within dental care and also your communication skills in the MMI interview.

Useful Tips For UCAT Dentistry

Useful Tips For UCAT Dentistry

Regular practice every day using a question bank has been proven to be more effective than intense revision of past questions a few days before your Dental UCAT exam. One of the basics is how you are reading the actual questions presented. There are two techniques.

Dental Interview Questions

Dental University interview questions and answers.

University admission panels will want to feel that you do have a strong passion for becoming a dentist and you can convey or prove to them that this is indeed the case. Dentistry is a very diverse profession which uses art and science to make patients lives better.


4 Tips to be successful in your UK Medicine school interview

A recent study shows that four out of five UK Medicine student applicants have reported being nervous before their interview. In this article I am going to teach you how to be less nervous and more confident so that the university admissions team gets to see the real you.