55% of Medical School and Dental applications are rejected immediately.

The reason?

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UK Medical and Dental Schools have a tough job because there are only a few places but with so many good students with top GSCE and A-Level grades all applying.

Furthermore, they all have the necessary work experience and highly polished Personal Statements. Therefore, all the admission teams at every UK Medical/Dental School use the results of an aptitude test.

There are 2 tests with the majority using The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). The remaining few use The BioMedical Admissions Test ( BMAT).

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You can only take the UCAT once in that year’s application cycle


For Medicine there are currently thirty three medical schools in the United Kingdom where students can study for a medical degree to become a qualified doctor.

30 use the UCAT test with the remaining 3 using the BMAT test

For Dentistry ( undergraduate entry) there are currently fourteen dental schools in the United Kingdom where students can study for a dental degree to become a qualified dentist

You can see the full list of Schools and how each individual university actually use your scores as each university places a different emphasis on the result HERE

As always – please check with each individual Medical or Dental School before you apply as their criteria can change each year.

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UCAT Deciles

Each year UCAT scores using marks from the 5 sections are then are sorted into deciles, with each one representing 10% of candidates. For example, a UCAT score in the 1st decile means that you have scored in the bottom 10% of all UCAT takers. A score in the 10th decile means you are in the top 10%. In this way, you know where you are amongst all the candidates.

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