5 Sections Of The Ucat Test For Medicine

The UCAT which stands for the University Clinical Aptitude Test will last 2 hours. It will consist of five separately timed subtests all as a multiple-choice format.  Once the test has started it cannot be paused. But with each subtest it will be preceded by a 1 minute instruction section. If applicable, you can apply for “Access Arrangements” in order to sit an extended version of the test if you have a documented medical condition or disability.

The UCAT has 5 Subtests which:

1.     VR

2.     DM

3.     QR

4.     AR

5.     SJ

The Verbal Reasoning section has to test your ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form. It has 44 questions with only 21 minutes. That is less than 30 seconds per question so it is tough!

The Decision-Making section will gauge your ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information. There will be 29 questions in only 31 minutes, so one minute/question. Students often mismanage time with this.

Quantitative Reasoning is to see your ability to critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form. This consists of 36 questions in 25 minutes.

Abstract Reasoning, it measures your use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from the information. There are a massive number of 50 questions in only 12 minutes: less than 15 seconds per question.

The Situational Judgement section will be a measure of your capacity to understand real-world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them. These 69 questions come in only 26 minutes and many are very tricky to navigate.

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