100 Questions that come up at Medical Interviews

These questions can be grouped into 5 main categories as:

  1. Motivation and understanding Medicine Interview Questions
  2. Your personality compatibility Medicine Interview Questions
  3. Your Skills attained Medicine Interview Questions
  4. Your Work Experience Medicine Interview Questions
  5. Medical Ethics and regulatory framework Interview Questions

100 Medical Interview Questions:

  1. Why have you chosen to do medicine?
  2. What are the attractions and disadvantages of medicine?
  3. What is the role of a GP?
  4. Why would you want to become a GP?
  5. What is the role of a hospital physician?
  6. What is the role of the CQC?
  7. What is the role of a surgeon?
  8. What other pathways are there aside from clinical practice?
  9. Describe other healthcare professionals that work alongside doctors?
  10. What do nurses do?
  11. Why do you want to be a doctor rather than a nurse?
  12. Why do you want to be a doctor rather than a dentist?
  13. What do physiotherapists do as care providers in primary care?
  14. What do different types of counsellors do within the NHS?
  15. What do occupational therapists do?
  16. Describe a medical breakthrough in recent times.
  17. In the history of medicine, what has been an important but overlooked development?
  18. How can doctors avoid burnout?
  19. Tell us about Hippocrates.
  20. Which medical publications have you read?
  21. Why do you want to be a doctor, rather than another profession that is also caring and as intellectually challenging?
  22. What one question would you ask if you were interviewing others?
  23. What would you most like us not to ask you in this interview?
  24. What is your main strength?
  25. Give three qualities that best describe you?
  26. Why should we give you a place in front of hundreds of other good candidates?
  27. What attributes do you feel you have that will make you a good doctor?
  28. Tell us a situation where your communication skills made a difference to its outcome?
  29. What is your biggest weakness?
  30. Can you show us why you an empathetic person?
  31. Who has had a major influence on you as a person other than family?
  32. What are your main hobbies or interests?
  33. Give an example where you played an effective team member
  34. What makes a good team player?
  35. What makes you a good team leader?
  36. Why is teamwork important in medicine?
  37. Do all teams need a leader?
  38. What can be disadvantages of working in a team?
  39. Do you work better by yourself or as part of a team?
  40. How do you manage your time effectively?
  41. Do you have organisational skills?
  42. How do you cope with stress and its effects?
  43. How will you manage independent study and organisation?
  44. Tell me about a non-academic project in which you organised.
  45. What positions of responsibility have you held.
  46. what did you learn from other people in your position of responsibility?
  47. Give an example of a situation where you made a mistake and how you managed this?
  48. Why did you choose these A-Level subjects?
  49. What do you think our university can offer you?
  50. What did you learn from your GP/hospital work experience?
  51. At your work experience, tell me about a memorable situation you observed and what you learned from it?
  52. What important qualities did you notice from doctors during your work experience?
  53. What is the reason we want our applicants to have relevant work experience?
  54. How did your work experience change your view of healthcare?
  55. When you shadowed a surgeon for a week, what significance was there as a multidisciplinary team?
  56. After the operation you described in your personal statement , what was the role of the medical team in the patient’s postoperative care?
  57. Apart from the operating theatre, did you shadow the surgeons in other roles?
  58. What are the current issues surrounding GPs?
  59. What are challenges in a GP reception?
  60. What do you feel about Telephone Triage systems in GP?
  61. What do you think of 10 minutes per GP consultation?
  62. What are the challenges of being a GP?
  63. What was the public’s perception of GPs where you worked?
  64. What did you notice about the skills GPs needed when they were carrying out a 10 minute diagnosis?
  65. What did you notice about the doctors you were shadowing in their approach to cancelled lists?
  66. Do you believe that euthanasia should be allowed in this era?
  67. Why is confidentiality important?
  68. When could confidentiality be broken?
  69. Should doctors be allowed to strike?
  70. You are part of a medical management team deciding upon allocation for a liver transplant. There is one liver, but two patients. Patient A is a 75 year old active charity worked and non-drinker. Patient B is an unemployed 27 year old ex-alcoholic. Who should get the organ?
  71. Discuss methods to increase donations of organs in the UK
  72. A woman who is bleeding heavily refuses the required blood transfusion. How would you handle the issue?
  73. What are the ethical issues involved involving a man who refuses treatment for a life-threatening condition
  74. Why you think that Class A drugs should be legalised?
  75. How do you respond and what do you feel when you see a homeless person in the street?
  76. What do you think about stopping the use of animals for testing new drugs?
  77. Should doctors have a role in contact sports such as boxing or rugby?
  78. Do you think we should find out more about patients’ current views of their inability to sometimes get appointments quickly?
  79. Should the NHS refuse to perform elective operations on obese patients or non-compliant smokers?
  80. Should organ donation be mandatory?
  81. Would you perform an abortion?
  82. What is your feeling about euthanasia?
  83. Would you prescribe a contraceptive pill to a 14-year old girl
  84. Female infertility treatment has a low success rate so do you think it should be available more freely?
  85. How do you think doctors should treat illness due to smoking?
  86. With the growing problems of overpopulation should the NHS be further rationed?
  87. What do you know about the workload of GPs?
  88. Do you think it is right for doctors to go on strike?
  89. What do you know about the 2030 NHS proposals?
  90. Should there be a limit on overseas trained doctors?
  91. What can you tell me about Montgomery Consent?
  92. Name the ethical dilemma that has been raised after a landmark case.
  93. Name one consequence you think Brexit will have on the NHS?
  94. What can you tell me about the NHS Mental Health plan?
  95. What do you know about the current obesity crisis?
  96. Give a summary of the NHS and its role in UK society.
  97. How does the NHS finance its services?
  98. Could you tell me about the principles of the NHS?
  99. How can we fund the NHS more effectively?
  100. Do you think the Sugar Tax can be expanded into other areas?

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