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The dental or medical school admissions process is daunting, time-consuming and hard work. It is also where most applicants get rejected every year.

What we do is proven to work and it works consistently because we focus on results.

A lot of good applicants get rejected but if only they had taken expert advice to fine tune their personal statement, UCAT revision and interview technique.

But if you have the right strategy and focus, you can make your application stand out and get in the first time you apply and avoid the dreaded rejection letter.

Whether you are a first-time applicant or a repeat applicant, we help make your personal statement stand out, achieve a high UCAT score and excel during your interviews.

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UCAT tutoring for medicine

Discover how we have prepared students just like you with 1:1 training from an experienced “Top Percentile” tutor.

UCAT tutoring for dentistry

Discover how to improve your scores FAST and increase your confidence so your chances dramatically increase.

Interview tutoring for medicine

Imagine how your life would be COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED if you learned exactly how to prepare, and more importantly, feel totally confident in your medical school interview.

Interview tutoring for dentistry

After speaking with us, you’ll get an IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT in the first 20 minutes, gaining insights and skills to increase your chances of securing your place at dental school.

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"Broke down every part so it was easy to digest. Im feeling very confident in my UCAT skills now."
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Mary Browning

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